Want to be Happier? Wake Up Early and Feel Better Now

Everybody tells us to wake up early, that it’s good for our minds and bodies. You might be wondering: how, exactly?


It’s the truth! When you wake up early, research says that you’re more productive, can sustain a better diet, happier mentally, improves your sleep pattern and gives you more time to do the things you love in the day. Who wouldn’t want all these benefits?

But if you’re a night owl, it might be a bit of a struggle to wake up before the sun rises. Insistent on being an early riser but just don’t know how? Well then, here’s how to wake up bright and early in the morning, so you can feel better overall:

 1.) Have self discipline – There’s no getting out of self-discipline when it comes to waking up early. Once your alarm rings, have the control needed in order to wake yourself up instead of staying in bed. It might be incredibly tempting to return to your warm, cozy bed along with your blankets and comforters but if you really are dedicated to sticking to a sleep schedule and waking up early, then have the willpower to get out of the bed in the morning. It is the first step, as well as the most crucial one.

 2.) Sleep properly – But of course, how are you going to wake up early in the morning if you’re only running on a couple hours of sleep? The night before, make sure you get a proper amount of sleep (which is around seven hours for adults) in order to ensure you don’t wake up cranky and irritable. If you stay up till the wee hours of the morning and force yourself to get up, you’ll only be harming yourself. Put your smartphone away and get some shuteye!

 3.) Set alarms – Your body clock isn’t just going to magically wake you up at seven in the morning all of a sudden! It’s still used to a later sleep schedule. So for a set amount of time you’re going to have to rely on phone alarms to keep you up in the morning. Be sure the tone is loud enough to wake you and whatever you do- don’t snooze! You’re not sabotaging anybody but yourself if you do, so keep that in mind.


Everybody tells us to wake up early, that it’s good for our minds and bodies. You might be wondering: how, exactly? Here's how.

 4.) Be consistent – Consistency is key in order to get your body clock to function exactly the way you want it to. It might seem daunting, but try and sleep at the same time each and every single night, and wake up at the same time too! Before you know it, you’ll be waking up even earlier than your alarm clock.

 5.) Wake yourself up – Waking up in the morning isn’t all that hard, actually- staying up is. When you get up, be sure to stand and do something that’ll wake you up, like having breakfast or taking a nice shower- anything to get your mind off of your comfy bed.

It requires a lot of discipline, but waking up early is more that worth it for your own health and wellness. Start tonight!

Question: Do you find it hard to wake up early? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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