Work Smarter, Not Harder: Top 101 Tips for Productivity

How to become the most productive person you know

Do you need help being productive? Do you want to work smarter and not harder? Have I got the perfect tips for you.

I am continually hoping to make efficiencies and be more productive. At the same time, I experience difficulty with allocating my time to right things.


Do you need help being productive? Do you want to work smarter and not harder? Have I got the perfect tips for you.

So, I’ve compiled a list of my top productivity tips and I am sharing them with you to help you get the most out of your day. (SN: You may want to bookmark this page for future reference.)

  1. Sort out your documents/papers into a file organizer
  2. Sort out all documents on your PC into pertinent folders
  3. Have just a single piece of paper around your work area
  4. Get another monitor
  5. Get satisfactory rest
  6. Arrange everything
  7. Schedule everything
  8. Have a notice board to help you to remember the most essential/pending issues
  9. Write a to do list
  10. Evaluate each thing on the schedule and check whether it helps you succeed
  11. Separate the means in your schedule
  12. Do the hardest assignments on your schedule first
  13. Really do the errands on the schedule quickly and reward yourself
  14. Utilize Steven Covey’s four quadrant schedule
  15. Try David Allen GTD-training techniques
  16. Do the vital things and dodge (if possible) the non-essential things
  17. Attempt to bunch comparable things together (e.g. batch day)
  18. Kill procrastination when it is conceived – it is the thief of time
  19. Distinguish why you are not motivated and battle that
  20. Try not to leave anything to the latest possible minute, it will cost you time
  21. Make a fake due date and adhere to that
  22. Place papers in a recycle bin, so you don’t discard anything critical and invest energy in trying to recreate something
  23. Instead of multitasking, just prioritize your top three items to do for the day and follow through by any means necessary
  24. Make full utilization of post-it-notes
  25. Backup all documents on an external hard-drive or the cloud
  26. Carry a notebook at all times.
  27. Audit your time: For three days monitor your time at regular intervals
  28. While evaluating your time, dispose of the things you squander most time on
  29. Ask yourself how you can accomplish more in the day
  30. Plan to do undertakings at their suitable time (where you are well on the way to appreciate them)
  31. Always ask yourself how you can be more proficient
  32. Compose a rundown 100 things you need to do in life
  33. Think back each day at this ‘101 things’ rundown and ask yourself what you did today to accomplish them
  34. 80:20 manage – focus on the 20% of your customers who give 80% of your salary
  35. Try not to be hard on yourself for a bad decision – learn from the experience
  36. If you dream something, work for it
  37. Delegate any assignment which you can to another person
  38. Pay individuals to do things which would cost you time
  39. Treat the individual you designated to with respect
  40. Try not to dump tasks on one person
  41. Do the hardest things yourself
  42. Give the individual a chance to utilize their own particular creativity or else they will take too long attempting to fit your criteria
  43. Give the individual a particular date, time, penalty and reward for the task
  44. Record things, regardless of the possibility that it is in an email to the individual you designated to – spares future question which cost time
  45. Try not to join to bulletins which you will never read
  46. Try not to utilize/buy any product which will never profit you
  47. Try not to sign into any IM while working
  48. Leave no new messages in your inbox
  49. Inbox Zero:  Keep no messages in your inbox – file them
  50. Try not to erase any important messages
  51. Toward the start of a telephone discussion express the objectives and goals to be clear
  52. Have telephone discussions while standing up– they will last less time
  53. Call individuals before lunch with the goal that they need to get off the telephone
  54. Have something you WANT to do after the discussion, so you push the discussion along
  55. Invest in time management courses
  56. Try not to control time, manage habits
  57. Utilize hands free/Bluetooth so you can accomplish more than be on the telephone or call while strolling
  58. Switch to speaker phone when on hold of a telephone call and accomplish something beneficial while holding
  59. Work in such a place where there won’t be diversions
  60. Put a bolt on your office way to avoid diversions
  61. Guarantee there is no commotion when you get an email – a major distraction
  62. Turn your cellphone off or put it on silent and far from yourself when working
  63. In one-on-one meetings disclose to your client/customer or whoever that you just have 5 minutes; this gives you a reason to leave or stretch out however you see fit
  64. When somebody is not leaving your office stand up and stroll with them to the entryway
  65. On the off chance that they don’t leave, say thanks to them for coming
  66. On the off chance that they still don’t leave, shake their hand
  67. On the off chance that they still don’t leave, let them know you need to go now and say farewell
  68. Make the ‘guest seat’ in your office uncomfortable to guarantee gatherings are shorter
  69. NEVER put your feet up in your office
  70. Try not to have an office seat in which you can lie down
  71. Try not to control time, manage diversions
  72. Try not to listen to music/radio while working unless it helps you get into a zone
  73. Get a parent-type website blocker
  74. Remove the TV from your office
  75. Maintain a strategic distance from coffee – it will slow you down and you can’t make the best of your time
  76. Surrender smoking/liquor on the grounds that these truly cost time
  77. Get some email training
  78. Re-arrange due dates rather than hurrying them
  79. In meetings take minutes to spare time in the following meeting
  80. All individuals in the meeting must have their cellphones off
  81. Never have a meeting for 60 minutes
  82. Try not to control time, manage activities
  83. Just have a meeting if there is a reason
  84. Continuously have a plan to follow in gatherings and make them encourage preparing
  85. Learn how to say no – so that your time will not be squandered
  86. Be practical with your time i.e. don’t generally attempt and fit everything in, be sensible
  87. Take advantage of circumstances where you can’t do much else (e.g. perusing reports while working out)
  88. Have a packed lunch in the event that you work out of home so you don’t spend a whole lunch in a line at a fast food restaurant
  89. Sulking and groaning will take up an excessive amount of time; simply get on with what must be done
  90. As a consultant don’t work over 40 hours in the week unless it is sensible
  91. Try not to control time, manage projects
  92. Never at any point negotiate the time you spend with your friends and family
  93. Utilize applications on your cellphone to expand productivity
  94. Don’t consistently change from one application then onto the next – it’s opportunity wasted
  95. Figure out how to touch type
  96. Spend an hour exploring keyboard shortcuts
  97. Manage your reading material
  98. Deal with your filing from your work area
  99. Utilize a label machine
  100. Try not to control time, manage attention
  101. Designate a no meeting day where no meetings can be scheduled and you can focus on important things or your to do list


Give yourself a kick in the pants with these 101 simple productivity tricks and get your to-do list off your back.

Question: What are your tricks for improving productivity? I want to hear! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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