What The Hell Is Tailwind And How Do You Use It For Pinterest?

Tailwind Review: Best of the best in terms of Pinterest scheduling?

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As more users are hooked on the use of Pinterest and Instagram, more tools are also entering the market to sustain the needs of people who use it. One of those is the application called Tailwind, which is considered as a smarter way for visual marketing.


It’s a service that helps you schedule pins in advance to be distributed to your pre-selected boards and so much more. You can even schedule weeks ahead and the application will make sure each pin will get posted according to your schedule. Note, this isn’t a sponsored Tailwind post.

It all began in 2011 where the developers started while they were creating and developing a bridal site. From there, they took off to focus on the best marketing and logical platform.

As of today, there are over 100,000 users of Tailwind who continuously trust and believe in their product. Their main ingredient is focusing on changes in the market and their customer’s needs.

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The platform is indeed useful, making it more trusted and reliable especially to Pinterest users. To better understand and appreciate what Tailwind can do, I have cited some of its features:

  1. It automatically helps you identify specific times to pin. Being noticed on Pinterest and Instagram is very important especially for bloggers. For example, if your market tends to get on the internet during evenings, that will be your target time to pin. However, Tailwind can also help you identify necessary times to do the pinning. It has the Smart Calendar which can help you in creating the right schedule to pin. I love that the schedule is personally optimized per your account to find the best times for your pins to go out.  That of course, gives your pins the best advantage of being seen and hopefully re-pinned by your target audience.


  1. It allows multiple pins to be scheduled at once. As a blogger, you tend to have more pins in a day to share about different topics or common subjects and themes. Through Tailwind, you can easily pin those blogs pins all at once with no hassle. No need for entering each of the pins. Just select all the entries and pin it all in no time.


  1. Perform interval pinning. Tailwind helps you on the proper interval posting of your pins. It directly helps you assign a specific time interval for each pin you want to be pinned. In just a matter of minutes or up to 90 days apart, Tailwind can help schedule the frequency and timing of your posts. This is specifically needed if you want to have perfect timing of pinning of your upcoming blog posts.
Not a Tailwind user yet? Start a free account with a free trial of your first 100 pins for free.


  1. Analysis of all your data. Yes, Tailwind has analytics. They are pretty awesome visuals as well. You even can extract data from your top performing pins, those that are being noticed. You can know your total number of new followers and know the total pins you have on a board. Through this, you will be able to know how well you perform on Pinterest and what needs to be improved.


  1. Know your best pins through pin inspector. With this tool, it provides users the search engine to easily hunt a specific pin you want to look or check. You can do a search on a board, category or any keyword and identify which pin performs well on a certain specific time you have set.



In addition to these, there are many more features like Tribes, which I plan to cover at a later time.


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Tailwind plans are affordable for its users. Considering its price, it is just right for the services and features it offers as it provides what is necessary for this kind of market.

  • For bloggers and small business, they offer $9 per month per account if you pay annually or $15 per month if billed monthly. It has smart scheduling, measures post success, has a 7-day history archive and 1 account included.
  • For big brands and industries, they usually offer $799 per month which is billed annually. They have the full profile and board reporting and saves 1-year history archive. It has the multi-account capability with 5 collaborators. However, for the larger enterprise, it is advised to contact the company directly for the pricing.

As many users have been continuously trusting Tailwind, it really shows that it has been very helpful on all sides of blogging and pinning.

Through Tailwind, users can use Pinterest and Instagram in the easiest and best way possible. You can save time by pinning and scheduling, helping you to create more output for your boards and/or profile.

Not a Tailwind user yet? Start a free account with a free trial of your first 100 pins for free.


Pinterest and Instagram have been widely used as marketing platforms. Either for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and simple users, both are being used most of the time. The rise of Tailwind is very useful to all, either for the process of pinning, scheduling, organizing, analysis of data and improvement.

This is highly recommended, and their increasing number of users that are multiplying annually shows how good this tool is.

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