My Secret Weapon Behind My Social Media Content: SmarterQueue

SmarterQueue Review: Best Alternative for Buffer?

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In this fast pacing technology and total rise of social media, it is in-demand to discover the ways which makes our work easier in dealing with our social media accounts.

Less efforts are what most are looking for in creating and maintaining their accounts. One of the smartest applications that I have come across is SmarterQueueNote, this isn’t a sponsored SmarterQueue post.

It is a system that can allow you to faster organize queueing and customer demands with your non-linear system. To easily determine its advantages and appreciate its features that are very vital, here are the smartest features that this application offer.

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  • It has a flexible licensing structure. It has the capability to register, add up and manage unlimited number of users that includes your front-office to back-office, up to supervisors and managers by just having a single license, carrying over those users. In this lieu, if there will be transfer in the position of manpower, there is no need to transfer or additional licensing charge.
  • In has an in-house developed package. As SmarterQueue was developed through continuous feasibility study, system improvement, system design and testing, there are always a successful installation, maintenance, and operations in maintaining the business sectors’ bests management of data queue. It can also cater any additional request of customization and enhancement without trying other system to support such request.

  • It has a flexible system integration. SmarterQueue was designed to easily integrate the queue management with other corporate systems that each business sectors may also have. This can be easily collaborated with Customer Relations Management, Electronic Workforce Management System and Balance Scorecard and Warehousing System. This integration may be applicable for file transferring, messaging systems, data entry and other applications that may be of use by the business.
  • Its hardware in non-proprietary. The brand, size and model of the hardware does not necessarily affect installation of SmarterQueue. It has hassle free selection, replacement, and maintenance of the devices. You will be able to use that hardware whichever is available in the market if it is matched with the required specifications.
  • Its interface is user-friendly. SmarterQueue is designed to emphasize the highest convenience of users in the system. Its interface is spontaneous and easy to understand.



SmarterQueue is a new tool simplifying social media management for entrepreneurs and marketers. Here's my review of the application.


 Pricing of SmarterQueue is flexible also, but it has also other categories to be considered. Below are the offers from SmarterQueue.

  1. For Solo, it offers $19.99 per month. It includes 4 social accounts and allows 10 posts per day per account.
  2. For Business, it offers $39.99 per month. It can cater 10 social accounts and have 20 posts per day per account.
  3. For Agency, it offers $79.99 per month. It has 25 accounts and allows 40 posts per day per account.

As this application has made easy and accessible for users, more has preferred using this. Nothing is really complicated and has found to be difficult to deal with the system. The price allotted is reasonable enough for the features is offers.

The collaboration and integration feature is a big plus point for this application for this tool as it is one of the most sought-after features in any system.

Not a SmarterQueue user yet? Start a free account with a free trial of up to 30 days for free.



Nevertheless, SmarterQueue is found to be a very smart social media maintaining system. It is a unique way for queue management, no matter how many or how bulky it will be.

As it is user-friendly, not much complaints have risen with regards on the usage for this tool. Moreover, users have found enough satisfaction in this system, no matter how many their daily posts and queues may have been.


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