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Siteground Review: Best Webhost So Far?

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Siteground has been one of the leading web hosting service provider since 2004. As of today, their company has more than 400 employees, each engaged in the continuous growth and development of their system.  Note, this isn’t a sponsored Siteground post.


As they have been in-demand, they are processing almost more than 1500 tickets, 3000 chat requests and 1000 phone calls everyday. Their top secret as they say: they just keep their customers happy and satisfied, nothing more, nothing less.

Siteground has been highly recommended for the past years by many customers on different forums and blogs. They have already an approximately 800,000 domain names worldwide, with their data centers on Asia, Europe and United States.

But what made them reach this far? What do they have in order to achieve such large market share and demand? Let us dig deeper into what Siteground offers to its customers, making them on of the in-demand service providers.

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Considering the good feedbacks, here are some of the pros and edge of Siteground of why they have achieved their place in the market today.

  1. Better Loading Time – This is very consistent with Siteground as they have continuously maintained an average time of loading for 609ms compared to 1059ms average loading time with other providers.

Yes, this is fast, and quite a very far measure compared with the others. This is one plus point with Siteground as this is considered as one vital factor and requirement of customers. Who wouldn’t want a fast loading time for search? And Siteground can offer you that. So far, no barbs, and is continuously practiced on actual.

  1. High Uptime – On a specific test, Siteground has given an output of 99.98% uptime on high quality hosting experience. And according to data, it is 19% far better that any other service hosts. Quite a high difference!
  1. Customer Service Team are knowledgeable – In every market, knowledge is indeed power. You really must know what you are doing, what you need to do, and what else you can you offer. Siteground’s customer support has been very attentive, assertive, and wise in all aspects.

They have allotted and given enough attention to their customers, and have given them the right and accurate answers to all their concerns. They consistently show their support and that their customers are being taken care of.

Supports are on different languages to break barriers, like English, Spanish and Italian. A very considerate move!


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They may have offer good service and features but there are also some parts that are somehow need to be improved and that is its storage space. Compared to other providers, their storage is quite low and has limitations, making it more difficult for file managing. This would be considered a huge problem for those who has large range of data needed.

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Siteround offers 3 kinds of plans and here are your choices, depending on the number of websites preferred:

  • Startup – It costs $3.95 per month and requires only one website to maintain. It gives a 10GB web space to the user
  • GrowBig – It costs $5.95 per month and has to maintain multiple websites. It allots 20GB web space
  • GoGeek – It costs $11.95 per month and has to maintain multiple websites as well but has 30GB space

Considering the price, Siteground offers one of those affordable providers and is very helpful to users.

Most users have been very satisfied on the service being offered by Siteground. They are very much satisfied in its fast loading time which is very vital in using the websites, especially in browsing and uploading on their websites.

It has also been a plus point on its high up-time which is also dynamic during usage. How its customer support relates to its users speaks a lot as well of the company.



Siteground is a recommended web hosting provider especially to those users and customers who are very concerned on a good service and customer support.

Their features are also very helpful and important in such demand for website maintaining. Price is considerate as well and reasonable.

With this, Siteground is sure to increase more of it sales in the near future.

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