What Is Imposter Syndrome And How To Overcome It

How To Stop Feeling Like A Fraud & Doubting Yourself

If you are too proud of telling others about your achievements and about what you have accomplished in life, you may suffer from imposter syndrome. If this is your experience, you are not alone.

Today, I am going to talk about why you doubt your skills, knowledge, talents, and creativity.  I am also going to discuss how to overcome it.

People who feel this way usually prefer to be considered an underdog. They never admit that they are capable of achieving or accomplishing something like a promotion or any successful events they are entitled to.

If you are experiencing the same thing and you wonder how to overcome imposter syndrome, here are a few simple steps to use it as your weapon to send it on its way. Let’s dig in:

  • Identify the Cause of your Self-distrust. There will always be a reason why you tend to underestimate yourself. And, the only way to overcome the agitation and anxiety would be to identify the origins of self-doubt in you. Sometimes, self-doubting becomes inevitable especially when we are not comfortable with our environment or rather we are new to people we are about to work with. We underestimate ourselves if we are capable of doing great things having this huge transition in life, or even too afraid that we might end up not accomplishing something.
  • Seek Counsel. Once you already spotted the culprit of your constant self-doubting, it is advisable to confide or seek comfort from a person whom you can trust. It is important to take note that the person whom you are confiding with should be objective in looking at your situation or be able to give you feedback on where you may have gone wrong. You are looking for rational thinkers.

We all experience a feeling of inadequacy regarding our self-worth and whether or not we are qualified enough to achieve something. Learn how to overcome the patterns of negative thinking and what we call imposter syndrome that can hold you back.

  • Remember to keep in mind your Accomplishments. Always remind yourself of how you manage to accomplish several things in your life and try to re-live that feeling of being proud and happy. Your present-situation proves that you have accomplished something in the past. Be proud!
  • Become a Risk Taker. Embrace the fact that everyone commits mistakes and there will always be room to rectify errors. Remind yourself that failure sometimes transforms a person into becoming a good leader.

What limits us to achieving greatness is our own perception. Our thoughts may partially delay us from achieving our dreams and aspirations. However, it will never curtail us to meet our own success.

Question: Have you experienced Imposter Syndrome? How did you overcome it? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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