How To Plan A Blog Schedule to Crush Your Goals

5 Tips Every Blogger Must Read for Creating a Blogging Schedule Without Going Crazy

Are you able to get everything done on your tasks list? By now you have expanded your knowledge in writing and you already know how to compose an inspiring blog, expand your network, and gain clients as well. But, if you are forgetting things, missing deadlines and just can’t keep up, then you need a schedule.

How to Plan A Blog Schedule To Crush Your Goals

We all want to be successful. As we take our steps into our blogging life, we want everything to be smooth on our way, we like all our stuff to be well organized as we reach our goals.

Setting your schedule is the wisest thing that you can do. You cannot just store all your new projects and deadlines in your brain, and forget the meeting that you need to attend. You have the chance of running late to your meeting, forget your deadline and fail to reach your goal.

Maintaining a blog schedule helps you focus, organize and finish all your blogging tasks without experiencing any hustle. Eventually, you will figure out your pattern in blogging; making report, outputs and other things that will work on your blogging career.

So how can you make a schedule that will crush your goals?

Consider some factors

One of the best factors to consider is blogging consistency. If you want to be a successful blogger you need to consistently publish your content on your site and this helps you grow your blog. You need to ask yourself if you are willing to commit publishing quality articles once a week or just twice a month.

Making consistency on your work should be your top priority.

Identify things that you need to do.

Before we make a schedule, we first need to identify the things that we do in blogging. We don’t want to miss anything before we finalize our schedule.

Define all the activities that you do whether you blog or not, you have listed everything even the time to rest and simply checking your email for few minutes.

You need to set time, time to compose an article or blog, time to post, time to pass the projects, time for updating your site, attend a meeting, including your goals.


Don't have time to do it all? I give you 5 tips every blogger must read for creating a blogging schedule without going crazy!

Planner and Calendar

A simple planner and calendar will do. But it will be more fun if you will have a planner that will remind you to get inspired. Put your desired design on it. You don’t need to buy expensive ones; you can make your own if you want and something that you can carry wherever you go as possible.

Enjoy documenting everything that you are engaged to do. You can also try online and digital system, but I recommend to provide your own planner that you can carry anywhere.

Set your time.

Once you define all your activities and other stuff, set time for them one by one, you have to limit your time in each activity or else you might have everything out of hand.

Make sure that you set enough time to finish a certain activity. For instance, compose a blog post from 9 am to 10 am, then check and answer you email from 10 am to 10:30 am. From 10:30 am to 11 am set your new schedules if you have one or check your previous schedule and re-schedule other activities if there are changes. By 11 am you should be able to have a lot of things off of your to-do list.

Set time even for the simple actions that you will do. And in setting time for an action, we have to know our average time in composing our blogs, communicating with clients and other stuff. It is better to be organized than to take on everything all at once.

Plan ahead

There is no better plan than having it prepared ahead of time. Also, deciding what the plans or activities are that you can put in your schedule in advance. This includes your publishing schedule, meeting, projects, and other future goals where you get to calculate how long you can achieve it and much more.

Always plan ahead and fix things in advance so if conflicts arise you still have time to manage it.

Your Turn

Bloggers are engaged in many things inside and outside the house, work-related activities (for those who still have a 9 to five) and personal activities. We don’t step into this kind of thing if we don’t have a goal to reach.

Through planning a blog schedule it helps us clear everything on our path ahead of time, prioritize the things that need to be done first and manage everything according to your plan.

Through this, we are able to crush our goals without stressing our self in a dreadful situation. Plan, work and achieve your goals.

Question: What are the strategies you can share for beginners to also crush goals for their blogs and business?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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