How to Create an Ideal Client, Customer, or Reader Profile

As a business owner, you’d like to sell to as many people as you can, don’t you? Unfortunately, most business owners such as yourself have experienced headache clients in the past- joy reservers, last-minute back outs, scammers and more!


This can severely deteriorate your brand’s image and perspective of others, which can be harmful especially if you’re aiming for a premium sort of image for your business. In order to avoid these situations at all costs, why not create an ideal client, customer, or reader (depending on the type of audience you cater to) profile?

It is essentially a profile of a customer with the most ideal attributes, who you will adjust your business strategies in order to, in order to attract as many of them as possible. Here’s how:

1.) Gather customer feedback – You’ve obtained yourself an e-mail list at this point, haven’t you? Put this to good use by sending out surveys to all of the people included on said list. Once they have answered the questions indicated on the survey, you’ll be able to use the results in order to find out exactly who your buyers are, what they want, and what they look forward to. Ask them questions that define themselves as consumers, such as “Which product are you more likely to buy?” Or “Which seems more appealing to you?”

2.) Identify your buyers – After having conducting the needed surveys and collecting specific user data, you can now use this to create descriptions of your buyers. You can divide them into groups and demographics, such as the type of jobs they work or their age range- so long as they have the same consumer/buying habits.

3.) Identify what they want – Now that you know your customers, you need to discover what they want. Know their habits through your website and with this. You will be able to identify your ideal customer’s preferences, likes and dislikes. For example, which languages do they speak? What motivates them to try out a new product? And what is the best way to converse with them?



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4.) Know how to let them find you – Now you know who exactly your ideal customer is, their preferences, as well as their habits. These may seem like trivial things, but you can put it to good use. For example, you can identify which search keywords and websites they visit the most often and then place your advertisements on said pages in order to attract more of the ideal customer you want your business to have.

5.) Adjust your brand accordingly – Finished with all of the steps listed above? Once you have identified the specific and ideal client you’d like to cater to, then adjust your business according to what your target audience likes. Be it changing the color scheme of your website, dismissing or increasing advertisements, or anything of the sort- as long as you take your research and customer feedback into consideration while doing so, you will be on your way.

Question: Did you create your ideal client customer already? What are you waiting for? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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