Five Types of Content You Can Write

Blog Post Types to Help You Grow Your Reach

When an individual finally sets up their blog, another problem tends to surface: “What should I post on my blog? What do I write about? What kind of content should I write?”

5 Types of Content that you can write

And it is an issue a sizable amount of bloggers, especially new ones, face. In truth, there are dozens upon dozens of topics available to write about in blog posts.

But for a blogger starting out it would be good to simplify that amount to merely five, and they are as follows:

1.)   List-type Posts. There may be hundreds of list-type posts available on the internet, and other individuals may think the trope is overdone and too common, but the demand for these types of posts doesn’t seem to be receding any time soon.

A good thing about this type of content is that you can make list-type posts about almost everything under the sun- as long as there are viewers interested in the topic. You can make a list-type post about what to bring to college, must-haves when travelling to a certain country; anything under the sun, really.

2.)   Infographics. It’s very hard to ever go wrong with infographics. Readers just eat them up, and you can’t blame them. Infographics are simple, clean, easy-to-read, and have fun visuals! Individuals of all age groups can comprehend them.

You can choose to make your own, if you’re skilled with design and such, or you can take one from the internet- make sure to always and forever give the owner proper credit, though!


Writing content is hard work. But, it doesn't have to be. You have to create new content for your members on a daily basis. Here are 5 types you can write.

3.)   Reviews. These types of blog posts not only get lots of reader traffic but are also a good way to earn money. You might get sponsorships from certain companies or individuals to advertise and review their products in exchange for money.

You may also market your own business’ products and encourage readers to buy them! It’s hard to go wrong with these types of posts. Just make sure you don’t sound like a salesperson and be honest! Recommend, but don’t push.

Blog viewers also flock to this sort of content, since people are likely to buy certain things they like and want to make sure they get their money’s worth. By searching for reviews of said item online, those reviews tend to appear on-you guessed it- blogs!

4.)   How to/guide posts. You could also write blog posts about tips and tricks for a certain event you’ve undergone in the past, such as a university exam or a job interview.

There ought to be at least a handful of individuals currently undergoing experiences you’ve already completed in the past and they’re likely to look for help online in order to make their ordeal easier or less taxing. You’re helping other troubled individuals and at the same time, increasing your blog’s viewer traffic and popularity.

5.)   Case Studies. If you love giving out your opinions and doing research, this type of content will definitely suit you. Smart things to write case studies about are current and controversial events, as you’re sure to attract the attention of a wide group of people given the relevance of the topic in current society.

Your Turn

Of course, one need not restrict their blog content to these five types. There are thousands more to write about, but it just so happens that the ones above are the more popular and generate the most traffic.

It is important, however, to stick to a certain theme when blogging. If you are primarily a travel blog, it would be wise to minimize case studies about politics.

When writing content for a blog, what is important above all is to stay true to yourself and write only what you want to write.

Question: What type of posts do you have in mind that can help more people and at the same time drive massive traffic to your blog? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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