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Canva Review: Is it comparable to Photoshop?

In creating blogs, content speaks a lot about the author, how good was it written and how intelligent the words are arranged.


But what makes it more inviting is the presentation, its design and how good is its aesthetics. A possible solution is Canva.

Canva helps you to design your presentations, social media layouts and create thousands of colorful images. It has all the things you need in designing graphics including different kinds of images, photo filters, icons and shapes that are free to help you convey your message to your reader.

As more people have begun using Canva, it also has continuously improved and enhanced it features through the years. To better understand the use of Canva, below are the features that I believe are worth upgrading to Canva for Work.


  1. It offers a wide variety of types of content. It can give you readily designed templates for social media images, marketing and presentation materials, header templates, ads, invitations and any template and/or documents you may need. If ever there is no available on what you want, you can create a customized one for yourself and use it right away.
  1. It has drag and Drop feature to view your selections. Just like other applications, Canva helps you to select and choose easily your preferred image or template and view them by clicking on the drag and drop icon. It lessens your time of browsing the selections.
  1. It has many choices for different fonts and images that you can choose from. Whatever your taste may be, for sure, there is one thing that will match with you with the wide selection of Canva images and fonts. This will also help you to create your preferred filters, tints, colors and other image adjustments in the image.
  1. It has collaboration feature. This one helps you to have some feedbacks or inputs from the others, collaborate with them for the possible target output of your work. In this way, more minds are inputting in the work and this helps to improve your expected output in the end. This is something that is helpful as this will improve what you have been doing through comments and communicating through email.

For the disadvantages of Canva, I do not see anything negative with this as there are random of choices to pick from the site. This may be a con one for others as this makes them more confused in choosing, but at the end, this is such a good one.


Wondering if Canva for Work is worth the money? Check out this review on Canva and how you can use it to brand your own business.


Canva is free for those that are using it for normal blogs but for Canva for Work and big enterprise, there are certain prices that is being allotted for consumers.

  • $12.95 per user per month is charged for Canva for work and it includes unlimited folder for designs, capability to invite 30 team members, unlimited storage for photos and images and access millions of photos for $1 each.
  • For users with more than 30 members, it is best advisable to contact directly Canva for a more accurate computation of charging.

As many have been so attached and hooked on using Canva, it shows how in demand it gets as the years pass by. Most of the positive feedback that are being given by users who really stick with Canva raves about the good taste of the site that it brings to its consumers.

From the well-created designs that are pleasing to all readers, up to the templates that are very helpful in creating different documentations and blogs, it makes users want to explore more onto Canva without any confusion and hesitation.



In its wide range of choices, from fonts, images, templates illustrations and more, it is indeed a good application to use for presentable layouts and designs of different kinds of documents and online content.

May it be an invitation, marketing presentation, blogs, templates, having Canva in your toolbox is necessary. It will be of great help to you as you build and create your desired output, hassle free and effortlessly.


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Question: What are your first impressions of Canva? If you are a user, what is your favorite feature? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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