I Tried Boardbooster And It Upped My Pinterest Traffic

Boardbooster Review: Best Automatic Pinterest Tool Ever?

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Boardbooster may be new to some but this tool has been widely used already by most Pinterest users.


It is basically a scheduling program that helps you to create a loop of content or a campaign into a board you have chosen, depending on the intervals that you have indicated within the day.

To easily appreciate the advantages and plus points of Boardbooster, here are a few of its features that are greatly preferred by many of its users.


Looping Feature

It is considered as the edge of this tool as this is considered as the best time-saver while you use Pinterest. What makes it advantageous is that it shows on Pinterest that you are active the whole day even though you have not been checking on it, this is found to be helpful when you learn to practice and master its algorithm.

It also helps you to have another chance for your pin to get viral without messing up your boards. In looping, Boardbooster will automatically update your pins and just delete the pin that has lesser interaction, repining a new pin within the board for more exposure.

Campaigning Feature

This feature helps you to share pins automatically in a faster way for your original creations on the group boards, with no hassle effort at all. It has two choices, scheduled and random campaign.

On the word itself, scheduled campaign lets you pin your creations depending on the intervals you have set while random campaigns simply pin it on your chosen boards at various intervals and transfer it as well on the other boards that you have chosen.

Through this feature, the system gives you an assurance that your posts are being continuously distributed and shared to group boards. This tool also helps you as you need not to exert much effort in cascading the pins to the boards.

Pin Doctor Feature

This is helpful for those Power Pinners who ranks highly on Pinterest. Pin Doctor tests all your pins and identifies and generates a report for the problem pins through considering its nine identified categories.

It will provide the problems and you, as user, can delete right away those pins from your account. This helps you to clean up your account faster without any hassle and in just a small span of time.

These are the features that users love and are after for Boardbooster. There may also be some disadvantages but I think it would depend on the user’s acceptance and enough knowledge of the tool. But for the rest, these three features are really of great help to all users.


Bloggers, looking for a way to pin more, but you just don't have the time? Try BoardBooster. You will thank me, I promise.


With the features that Boardbooster offers, the pricing they have provided their customers are quite reasonable. I have here below the list of plans they offer, considering price and number of pins per month. That’s how they charge it.

  • $5 for 500 pins per month
  • $10 for 1000 pins per month
  • $20 for 2000 pins per month
  • $30 for 3000 pins per month
  • $40 for 4000 pins per month
  • $50 for 5000 pins per month

The starting plan may be quite high number of pins, so if you are blogger, it is suggested to use the $5 offer.

Most users of Boardbooster seem to be very satisfied with all the tools and features it offers. Campaigning and Pin Doctor features are helpful especially to those bloggers and users who prefer a faster way of transaction and cleaning up in their account.

This way, it saves most of their time, and makes them create more pins in the site. It is also found more affordable compared with its other counterparts.


Considering the price and features of Boardbooster, it is indeed a recommendable one for all people to use. Using this tool, you would immediately see how fast you have been growing on Pinterest and how far you can even go with it.

It is best advised also to explore Boardbooster more as it offers more features and tools that are helpful in other ways.


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