Blogging 101: What is blogging?

The Benefits of Blogging for Business and Marketing

Nowadays, blogging is not unfamiliar anymore. Many people are getting so much information from the blogs they read every single day.

Before anything else, what does blogging really mean? Does it portray just one meaning or does it give more than what we mostly see?

According to the definitions found on the World Wide Web, “Blogging is a way of publishing group of texts and paragraphs online using a marketing platform not just to give information but to also entertain the people surfing online.”

Blogging is mostly used by online businesses to attract potential clients and customers into their e-commerce/service-based websites. Also, entrepreneurs use blogging to share their expertise with their target audience online.

This is not only for entrepreneurs but blogging can be done by normal people wanting to share their journey online. Most lifestyle bloggers are publishing posts wherein they share the places they went, the cafés where they ate lunch or the special events they attended last summer.

Blogging looks like it is super easy and all about fun but it’s not. For the bloggers like me who market their products/services using their blog to make money, this is not a fun game. We take things seriously, we plan our steps with caution and we invest in tools we can use to grow as a blogger.

Benefits of Blogging

  1. Blogging will prevent you from going insane

Our life is full of struggles and problems, but what blogging can do is to make you sane. When you have a blog wherein you share your rants, funny stories, and inspirational happenings, you will have a medium which you can use to burst it all out.

You can use your blog to unwind; sharing all the things messing with your mind for you to feel refreshed. Blogging will be your trusted friend every time you have no one to talk to.

I know several bloggers who had friends with other people online by being true with the feelings they share on their blog

  1. Blogging can attract more customers/clients

Just like what I have said in the first part of this blog post, most online entrepreneurs use blogging to match their websites’ services and products offered to the people who read their blog posts.

It all falls down to the topic or niche you specialize in. If you are selling customized notebooks online using a website, you can just create a blog page and publish blog posts about DIY notebooks and things related to it.

This way, you can attract people who are interested in the product you are selling. You can make a sale and at the same time, you can help a person who badly needs your expertise.


So you've heard the term “blogging” and you want to know what blogs are all about. Well, you've come to the right place. I will break it down for you.

  1. Blogging will improve your communication skills

In blogging, good communication is the key to impacting lives of people successfully. It is the weapon we can use to talk with our target audience by means of blog post writing, social media postings, and even through marketing videos.

When we’re writing a blog post, most of the time we use a friendly and conversational tone in a first person’s point-of-view. We use this method so that our readers will easily understand the information that we tend to teach them.

  1. Blogging will hone your writing

Aside from better communication skills, blogging will also improve your writing and marketing skills. How?

When you write blog posts every single day or week, you will exercise using the right grammar and diction for the people to understand the thing you want to portray. After a year of blogging, you will have the capability to write blog posts not just for your blog but also as a contribution to other blogs.

  1. Blogging will improve your time managing skills

Bloggers don’t write at all times but what we do is to promote the heck out of it to continuously drive massive traffic to our blog posts.

You will improve your time managing skills in a way that you’ll be mandated to divide your working times into smaller chunks. For example, you will set 8 hours a day as your working time. Then, you will set the first 2 hours in reading business and personal emails, 3 hours of writing an in-depth article for your blog and the remaining 3 hours for promoting your blog, products, and services to the internet. See what I mean? You will really think of ways convenient for you to accomplish all the blogging-related tasks in just 8 hours.


Do not be afraid to start your own blog. Don’t hide the opportunities that blogging can give you. You can never know the fun in blogging unless you try it for yourself. But just to warn you, it can be very addicting exchanging all the fun in your social life just to update your readers with what’s currently happening.

Blogging will make your life organized; it will give you the feeling of having your own business online because you will work your butt off just to maintain it.

Blogging is fun and you can really enjoy it. You will be receiving the benefits stated above and it will surely change your way of life.

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