Why I Fell in Love with Asana

Asana Review: Best Tool for organizing tasks?

Asana is one of those famous and popular project management software that has been widely used by many.


It is basically a project and task management application that helps users and team members to easily collaborate and communicate with each other from the start of the project up to its conclusion. 

This is a tool to manage the start of activities of your project, create monitoring and checking means to easily identify progress of all tasks by each member.

Through this, you can easily follow the progress and improvement on each task from different devices and software browsers. It eventually helps users also to add up more members in the projects to easily share files, assign tasks and communicate with each member.

To easily sense the features and goodness of Asana, I have cited several valuable items that each can have in using this. You can try using each tool and application so yourself can easily discover how easy it is to use this management tool.  Note, this isn’t a sponsored Asana post.



  1.  Know the progress of your task in just a wink of an eye. In setting your tasks, it is very important to know what has been going on with it and how far did it get. You need to see its completion rate maybe, or how many tasks are still pending to be done. Through Asana, you can easily identify the status of your task easily as the system can give you fast information for it, showing the number of tasks completed and those in-progress.
  2. Make a move on your ideas. Sharing of ideas is a very vital point to be used and with the use of Asana, it is made possible. Brainstorming is done with this application as well as sharing ideas for the project and adding up tasks that would be helpful to all members.
  3. Inbox is user-friendly. Who wouldn’t prefer getting messages that are only important for you? In Asana, you can filter the messages you would be receiving. You can get the updates on the tasks that you are included. No need to receive bulks of messages that has no relation to you and your projects.
  4. Modify your tasks. Through this tool, you are be able to identify top priority tasks and those that are least priority. With this, those on top could be finished first before the others. This would serve as a guide during the process of completion for your whole project.


Asana is one of the most basic and functional project management systems available. It's how my team and I are able to get things done. Here's my review.


Basic version of Asana is guaranteed FREE but they have also charges depending on the factors affecting the packages.

  • $9.99 per member per month is charged for the Premium application. However, this already includes unlimited dashboards, custom fields, advance search and reporting and admin controls.
  • However, for enterprise, it is best advised to contact directly Asana for the specific and truthful computations of packages, considering the number of members and bulk of possible tasks to be included.

With the list of features being offered by Asana, many reviews have been taken into consideration for this management tool. The smart inbox it has is what most have wanted and approved for. The bulk of inbox is indeed a very hard and stressful thing to deal every day, and with its filterable inbox, it was made easier.

It is also a good point to monitor the task’s progress, without missing any point in each project. In creating a project, collaborations are important part also and should always be in choosing a task management tool.



As data shows, Asana is one of those management tools that has created a big impact in the market.

With it being recognized as Top 3 best performing in Collaboration and Project Management Software, it is sure to have more users in the future. And in terms of continuous improvement, it is sure to give more enhanced features to all.

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