7 More Life Lessons from Surviving My 20’s

What my 20's taught me

After posting the other day about the lessons I’ve learned in my 20’s, I got thinking if I had missed something.  So, I  came up with just a few more lessons that I have learned in my 20’s.

7 more lessons I learned in my 20's

Here they are:

  • Every party is not to be attended.  Don’t go running into a situation every time the doors are opened or you are invited. Be selective.
  • When you do well, when you do your best, people notice.  As long as you put your best foot forward at all times, people can always speak highly of you.
  • Only you can be your best self.  No one can be you.  No one can think for you.  At the same time,  don’t try to be someone else.
  • God has a sense of humor.  You will often hear the expression that, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” Just when you think you have things figured out, things can change.


After posting about the lessons I've learned in my 20's, I got thinking if I had missed something.  So, I  came up with just a few more on surviving.

  • Know what you love to do & do it.  Find out what you’re passionate about.  Experiment, find hobbies, try new things and just have fun.
  • There is a time for business and there is a time for pleasure.  Know the difference!
  • Racism is still alive and well.  It is only wrapped up in a nicely boxed package.  The color of your skin really does matter.  Contrary to popular beliefs, some things come quicker to others based on the color of your skin.  You will always be proving yourself.

I hope these few more lessons give you food for thought and I challenge you to reflect on the lessons you have learned thus far in your life.  It is never too late to learn something new.

Question: Are there any lessons you would like to share? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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