5 Things To Do After Your Launch

The Urgent Things You Need to Do After You Go Live

After you’ve spent time, effort, and perhaps even money designing and coding your blog, time has finally come to launch it. However, it isn’t as easy as simply writing a new blog post, introducing yourself and then sitting back and waiting for the views and sponsorships to kick in.

10 things to do after your launch

Unfortunately, planning and setting up your blog is only the first part of the process. You’ll need to do quite a few things right after launching your blog, and they are as follows:

1.) Write a blog post. Be sure to properly introduce yourself and imply the purpose for creating your new blog. State if you are a fashion, travel, or advice blog. Make it clear to your future readers exactly what you aim and want to deliver in order to attract your target audience.

2.) Advertise. For the umpteenth time, advertise! It’s all the most important to advertise now that you’ve created your very first blog post- that means the viewers now have content they can read.

You may advertise by sharing to your friends and social media or you could also consider commenting on other people’s blog posts, advertising your very own blog while doing so. Since older blogs will likely have larger viewer traffic than yours, doing so is a good idea.

Make sure to be subtle, and not make showing off your blog the main point of the comment else the blog owners get annoyed. Another must is submitting your blog to search engines so that when people search online, your blog shows up easier!


You've hired the designer, established your target audience and have an idea on how your new brand voice will attract them. Then it's launch day. Now what?

3.) Reach out to fellow bloggers. If you know a blogger with a wider viewer base than yours, it wouldn’t hurt to contact them and ask if they could give your blog a shout out in their next blog post and video. Having connections is a good thing; don’t just keep the ones you currently have, feel free to make even more. Don’t be shy and ask your fellow blogger friends to help you get your start! The more the merrier, after all.

4.) Plan. This is a must if you know you want to blog for the long-term. You need to plan your posting schedules. Do things like set dates for when you’ll post a personal blog or a video blog.

For example, every Monday you could choose to post mostly pictures of your travels and every Wednesday your product reviews. Plan for the future, not just for the next day. Make a monthly tracker and do your best to stick with it.

5.) Engage your growing fan base. Once you start getting likes, comments, and views; be sure to interact with the people behind them! Reply to their comments and even consider e-mailing them thanking them for reading your article.

They’ll appreciate the sentiment and will be more likely to share your blog posts with their friends and family. You’ll never know where a little friendliness can get you.

Your Turn

Write your first post, plan, reach out, advertise and engage. Make sure not to forget these things after starting your blog.

Don’t give up if after a few weeks you’re not getting the viewer traffic you expected- everything takes time. The smart thing to do is stay consistent, repeat the following tips listed above, and with time your blog and viewer base will grow.

Question: What other things can you recommend to be done after launching a blog? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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