5 Qualities That You Need to Work at Home

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I graduated college way back in 2002. Back then you were expected to graduate college and then get a job. I tried that route a couple of times and it just didn’t work out for me.


There were lulls where I wasn’t working but I still needed to pay my bills so I spent time trying to find ways to make money on my own.

Essentially I became an online hustler trying out different methods of making money.

I’m not like these other success stories that you might read about that tell you how they tried one thing and it worked really well.

I’ve probably tried over 100 different ventures in my lifetime. Some have worked out well and some have been colossal failures.

When you start to think about working for yourself or making some money on the side there are two voices in your head:

  1. The first voice is all positive. It’s your cheerleader and tells you that if other people are doing this then you can do it as well. I like this voice.
  2. The second voice doesn’t kick in right away. It usually starts yapping once you begin your new venture and things aren’t working out as you expected.

These voices aren’t always constantly babbling in your ear. They are on and off.

This doesn’t even include the external voices. Your friends and family will look at you and wonder why you’re wasting your time.

Stick to having a real job like them.

For the longest time, my mom would ask me when I was going to get a real job. What she didn’t understand is that I wasn’t wired for a real job.

Every time I put all of my talents into making someone else rich it bothered me.

Now, don’t mistake working to keep food on the table versus working just because you’re expected to.

If I had a family of 4 to feed I wouldn’t be so stubborn to believe that I could take a year off from making money. I would buckle down, get a job, and find extra hours to work on my thing on the side.

Anyways, what is all of this rambling about?

It’s about you.

You see, with the Internet most of us have access to all of the free resources that will allow us to start our new venture.

Lack of knowledge is no longer an excuse for not succeeding.

Money? You can start a website on the cheap and build up from there.

The difference between people that have successfully quit their jobs and work for themselves and those that still are miserable in the morning on their way to work is their approach to everything.

In this post, I’m going to share with you 5 qualities that I’ve found in people that succeed with their own ventures.

5 Qualities That Successful Work-At-Home People All Have

You’ll notice that none of the 5 qualities that are mentioned below rely on intelligence or money. These are two things that many people use as excuses for holding themselves back.

If you think these are what are limiting you from success then you should probably give up now.

That isn’t very encouraging but you need to break that cycle.

Your success is really in your own hands.

You pretty much have to be the most stubborn person you know and that’s part of the first quality.

1. Persistence

Successful people are persistent.

Let’s not pretend that there aren’t going to be a ton of obstacles in your way. Life has a way of constantly challenging you and it’s how you handle these challenges that will determine whether you are successful or not.

I mentioned before how I’ve started over 100 different ventures. When I write that out it seems pretty ridiculous. At some point, I should know when to quit but each one taught me something new.

Instead of giving up after the first one I continued to push forward and this persistence has paid off.

Persistence only works though when you are learning. There is a big difference between doing the same thing, getting the same results, and thinking that you just need to push through.

That’s craziness, not persistence.

Persistence is trying to lose weight, only losing 1 pound in 2 weeks, but feeling better about yourself. Understanding what can be improved, what went wrong, and devising a new approach is persistence.

2. Awareness

This is probably the hardest quality to find.

I’ve seen people start ventures, ruin their lives, and continue to push forward without seeing the danger in doing so.

If your new clothing line isn’t working don’t be so deluded to think that one day it’s finally going to work. You need to have awareness of the situation and make a decision on whether it is time to move on to the next thing or if a couple of tweaks can make it better.

Many people also have the problem of not understanding that they aren’t doing what is necessary to succeed.

I used to think that sitting at the computer for 18 hours a day meant that eventually, something would click. The problem was that 17 of those hours were wasted doing nothing.

I didn’t have the self-awareness to step back and assess if what I was doing was working.

Which leads to the next quality…

3. Productive

Did you know that there are only 24 hours in a day?

When I was younger I would act like there were 40. I always had time to catch up on work before bed.

If you told me that I had to write a 1,500-word blog post in 75 minutes or else all of the rabbits in the world would go extinct I would finish that blog post in 50.

So why can’t I knock out those blog posts without any other incentive beyond pushing my business forward?

The reality of the situation is that we waste too much time on things that don’t matter. We aren’t as productive as we think.

Busy doesn’t mean productive.

Rechecking your email for the 4th time in an hour isn’t productive.

6 months of research isn’t productive.

The best thing that you can do if you want to test your productivity is to work in batches.

Set aside X amount of hours in a day and concentrate on doing one thing.

If I gave you 3 hours to work on nothing but blog posts what could you get done?

Probably much more than you could in 13 hours of unfocused work.

Successful people know how to make the most of their time.

Working from home is great, but it often comes with some surprises. Here are 5 things that you will need to make the switch.

4. Appetite for Knowledge

Never. Stop. Learning.

It’s very easy to get a small taste of success and then think that you are done.

The problem with this is that other people are also chasing that same success and if you stop on the side of the road they are going to drive by you.

There is always more to learn.

For example, let’s see what it takes to run a blog that makes 6 figures a year. Here is what you need to learn and master:

  • Writing content
  • SEO
  • Promoting on social media (and mastering the different platforms)
  • Email marketing
  • Product creation
  • Sales funnels

Now the things on the list each have 100s of subtopics. There is always going to be something new and the world is constantly changing.

If you aren’t going to evolve with it then you should expect to get left behind.

5. Focused

This one has always been my biggest downfall.

I get too distracted.

If you made a bet with me in which I could win $10,000 if I could make $1,000 online in 30 days then I would be so focused on that task I would make it happen.

However, if I challenge myself to the same thing it probably won’t happen.

Successful people are laser-focused on their goal and nothing is going to take them away from the pursuit of that goal.

If you want to lose weight then you will lose weight unless you get distracted and decide that a weekend at the buffet isn’t going to hurt.

If you want to save $5,000 for a European vacation then you will be on a hot air balloon flying across France unless you decide that sale at Forever 21 is more important.

When you can focus on a singular goal and keep it at the front of your mind you’ll find it hard not to succeed. One of the best things you can do is write down your goals so that they don’t get forgotten.

Stay focused and eventually, success will come.

The Gameplan

Of course, having these qualities won’t mean much if you don’t have a gameplan. It’s silly for some stranger to tell you that as long as you are productive you will be able to quit your job.

These qualities only work when you have a gameplan to match them up with and vice versa.

More often than not the thing holding you back from working for yourself isn’t money or knowledge but the ability to understand your goal and make sure nothing gets in your way of achieving it.

Question: What are some other qualities you need to work from home? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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